Fun Facts About Food 2/3

by The Blend

Food happens to be the common denominator that brings a lot of things together. In our case, a community-centric brand and a foodie favorite startup—Blend For Food.

On that note, here is a fun food fact that caught our attention!

Did you know?

Pound cake has a very good reason for its name. The cake originated in Northern Europe in the first half of the 18th century and initially weighed four pounds. That’s because its recipe called for a pound of each of four ingredients, flour, butter, eggs, and sugar—therefore, the name.

Some people say that the pound cake originated In France. There, it’s called quatre-quarts, or “four quarts,” a quart referring to a pound. This name has stuck as well and is in use to date.

Stay tuned for our next set of interesting facts, Blends!

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