What is Blend Bazaar?


Fusion is the ultimate mixtape of the universe, where atoms come together, and energy explodes. It’s the conductor of a massive concert, where all matter gets down to the beat. And that’s where Blend Bazaar comes in, fam. It’s a mashup of different worlds fusing and creating something totally chill. From music heads to anime freaks, fashionistas to bookworms, everyone’s got a spot at Blend Bazaar.

This is where all the coolest cultures blend to create something totally lit. It’s a wild mashup of hippy vibes, street swag, gaming energy, glam, and fashion slay, both Indian and worldwide.


Blend Bazaar 2021- A RECAP


Blend Bazaar 1.0 took place in Dec 2021, our first ever gathering of Food, Fashion and Fiction enthusiast. It was a hit, boosting local F-F-F brands with diverse participation and unwavering support from bloggers and our fantastic Bengaluru followers.  

With over 25 brands, we showcased mouth watering cuisine, cutting-edge fashion, and captivating stories. Blend Bazaar 1.0 went beyond a market – it embodied our vibrant community spirit.  

Live music performances filled the air, and art workshops let attendees unleash their creativity. BB1.0 brought together people who adore food, fashion, and fiction fostering camaraderie and mutual appreciation. We’re thrilled with our first Blend Bazaar’s incredible success and can’t wait for the next one, Blend Bazaar 2.0 coming very soon! 

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