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The pandemic brought several important things into focus and the most popular among those is staying healthy—what are the foods that enhance immunity and keep us healthy?

Plant-based eating continues to reign over the food landscape for 2022, but alcohol-free drinks, seeds, and ethnically diverse foods are also on the rise this year. Let’s look at these trends a little more closely:

Plant-forward foods will continue to lead the healthy food conversation as they are a sustainable option that provides superior health benefits. According to the International Food Information Council’s study, 65% of people said they have tried out plant-based meat alternatives in the last year.

Want lower-calorie options, limit alcohol consumption but still try to have a celebration? Alcohol-free spirits, non-alcoholic wines and beers, sparkling water, and mocktails are the newest trending beverages as reported by The Whole Foods Market Trend 2022 research.

Consumers are intentionally reducing food wastage and embracing sustainable living in 2022. Recycled ingredients are coming into the spotlight where you cook with every last remaining bit so nothing goes to waste. From peels to stem, seed, and stalk, every bit of the vegetable or fruit scraps can be made into a nutritious dish. 

In the journey of building Blend For Food, we keep track of the latest food trends and try to provide foodies with a one-stop destination for all things food!

Tell us, what other healthy food alternatives and trends are you following?

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