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by The Blend

Cakes By Praneet

Here’s our first star baker for our Blend For Food Masterclass- Cakes By Praneet👩‍🍳

He’s got some really interesting Cake decorations tricks up his sleeves! Along with this, learn how to manage your social media to build your business!

A workshop you don’t want to miss 💜

Cakes By Praneet (AFTERMOVIE) 

The first Masterclass was a super hit, with Cakes By Praneet 🕺💜

With over 35+ participants, we had a blast hosting our first ever Masterclass.💯 All the masterchef got a peek inside cake decoration, food content creation and social media management🎂🎂

Here’s what went down!!

Chef Sagar Kataria

After the success of our first Masterclass, we couldn’t keep our cool. ♨️

Masterclass 2 is back again! 💯

If you didn’t already know, Masterclass is our new IP, where incredible foodies engage with our community and teach the art of making delicious food of all kind, from baking to grilling, creating food content, food photography, and so much more.📸🍩

For the second Masterclass, we have a 3-star restaurant Chef Sagar Kataria, with an experience of working at Shangri-La Group and many such restaurants .👨‍🍳👩‍🍳

Bringing his specialty to the table, Masterclass 2 is all about learning the secrets to making delicious restaurant style Indo-Chinese sauces. 🍜

Chef Sagar Kataria (AFTERMOVIE) 

Renowned chef from Shangri-La Group-La, Chef Sagar Kataria, hosted an amazing Blend For Food Masterclass for our community! 👩‍🍳

Teaching the secrets behind making Indo-Chinese sauces! 🍜

Our community was super thrilled, to get a peek into the brain of the Masterchef!

We’re two Masterclass every month, bringing in the best from the foodie community for you to learn, engage and have loads of fun!👩‍🍳

Next Masterclass is coming soon on 17th September! Hosted by Chef Anjana, teaching the community all about exotic flavoured cakes🎂

Take a look at how Masterclass 2 was👇

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