Rise of D2C brands & how they are challenging the big players – Unilever, PnG

by The Blend

The pandemic accelerated a lot of things, the D2C model being one of them. It really took off during the lockdown period and even more so in the case of D2C health food brands.

According to a Deloitte report, online shoppers are expected to constitute 50% of the online population in 2026.

One among plenty of such success stories, Hyderabad-based Troo Good has raised INR 55 Cr in its Series A—to take its healthy snack lineup across India.

Not just new-age D2C startups, even legacy brands like Hindustan Unilever (HUL), ITC Limited, and Marica are beginning to focus more on online stores and curating a consumer-first D2C experience for their target demographics. For instance, HUL’s turnover from its digital stores alone is as much as 15%. 

In our CEO Hariprasad Shetty’s words, “This fast-growing digital business goes to show that the D2C revolution is not just a fad and is here to stay. The rising digital spend by millennials and demand for personalization open better avenues for growth. New and old brands are taking control of their destiny, doing away with marketplaces like Amazon and building stronger relationships with their customers.”

Our experience with building Blend For Food taught us that with a customer-centric approach, we have the potential to impact a lot of lives. And we aim to bring you the best food experience ever!

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