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by The Blend

Breaking News!!!

This just in, Blend For Food launched The Blend WebMenu offerings and it’s grabbing attention from all over! Featured in 100+ publications such as The Print, The Week, ANI, Daily Hunt and more!

You must be wondering what The Blend WebMenu is all about and why everyone is talking about it.

The Blend News is here for exactly that!

Blend WebMenu is a hassle-free, digital-first food ordering solutions, moving towards revolutionizing the food tech industry

Through the ‘order direct’ model, this feature enables restaurants and home chefs to take their menus/products online in five minutes. The model for restaurants is pay-per-use with zero percent listing fees with no app download required. BFF WebMenu enables restaurants and home chefs to run flexible businesses, from business listing to order management, payment collection, and last-mile deliveries.

The Blend WebMenu also includes an integrated creator marketing tool, allowing partner restaurants to collaborate with food creators to increase discoverability and customer outreach.

According to Hariprasad Shetty, our Co-founder says, “Blend WebMenu lets you create a hassle-free online business for your restaurant in minutes and deliver seamless consumer digital experiences which is critical for business growth. We are building the technology that powers QR code ordering & payment at the table, online ordering for pick-up and delivery, help the food business manage influencer campaigns, customer loyalty programs, and digital marketing.”

Some of the interesting features are:

  • Create your online menu and drive more profitable business from on-premise and off-premise customers
  • Enable all transactions via Digital QR
  • Whether you have your own delivery team, or want to tap into Blend’s delivery partners, it is quick and easy to get delivery up and running.
  • Turn customers into loyal supporters with the right tools to build relationships
  • Collaborate with influencers to generate hype and content distribution
  • Influencers can also curate their own favourite go-to menu from a restaurant and promote it.

That’s not it!

The Blend Community has got something more up their sleeves. Or should we say, something spicy on their plate!

Blend has introduced the Marketing As A Service (MaaS) programme as part of the WebMenu, which targets restaurants, home chefs, and direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands. MaaS campaigns (Marketing as a Service) are tailor-made solutions that address current business challenges, such as attracting the right target audience, acquiring new customers, or outperforming competitors.

Changing the game of the food industry, excited to see how The Blend WebMenu grows to scale!

If you are a food creator, join The Blend WebMenu and be part of the revolution!

Signing off, The Blend News!

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