Slow Fashion stores to check out

by The Blend

In the ‘90s, thrift shopping was associated mostly with hipsters and was seen as an option that came with the growing popularity of grunge music bands (cough, Nirvana). This sort of fashion movement was considered an anti-fashion statement because it did not follow any particular fashion trends, and its purpose was not to make your clothes look expensive or new. But we can easily say that nowadays thrift shopping has actually become a fashion trend itself. You’ve probably heard people say that Thrifting is not only good for your wallet, but it’s also good for the planet. Thrifting means recycling, and you are being way nicer to the environment if you reduce the level of waste and pollution that already exists by simply not throwing away clothes but giving them a second chance. Here we have curated some great Thrift stores you on shop on Instagram – hope you like them.

1. Scrunched store: Bangalore-based thrift store that specializes in the art of tie-dyes, custom-made crop tops, upcycling old clothes etc..

2. Nimbu Chai: Kolkata based vintage clothing store that curates outfits for the old school soul in you

3. Kawai Fuku: A curated collection of vintage and aesthetic outfits sourced from the hills in the North East

4. Ahorro: Funky Indian prints and quirky outfits sources from Jaipur, India.

5. Phirki: Bangalore-based upcycling store that creates and restores outfits that are gorgeous yet sustainable to the environment.

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