Humans of Blend!

by The Blend

A product or service just doesn’t become a brand without the effort of their employees.

So, we decided to tell you the story of Humans Of Blend.

Not only do we have new restaurants, D2C brands and home chefs on board, we also have new ways to reach happy foodies.

We’re a team that doesn’t just stop at creating delicious Blends. We are constantly growing, nurturing our relationships, and building a community of foodies!💜

Today, we’re happy to introduce the best Operation & Partner Manager of our team, Asma

Asma, can’t remember a time when she wasn’t fascinated by people and their stories. ‘A yearning for creating new things is what drives me’— as she aptly puts it, is what sums up her vibe at work, making her an absolute delight and team player at that!

We asked him a few questions and here’s what he has to say.😁

✨What’s it like to work in F&B?
“I own the overall charter of demand management for the home-chef marketplace, including (but not restricted to) strategy, planning and various growth initiatives. I am grateful to be able to work closely with product teams, and help introduce and optimize new discoverability and conversion opportunities for home chef vendors. Every day comes packed with surprises and learning!”

✨What’s one special thing about Blend?
“As part of the core team, the Blend is really helping me hone a wide range of skills, including logical thinking, good communication, creativity, teamwork, leadership and the like. I believe my skills could help with the expansion that the firm is undergoing. I see myself playing an active role as part of that growth cycle.”

✨Are you pumped to work with BFF?
“Everyday is an exciting one, all surrounded by content → commerce!”

We are so glad to have you as our Operation & Partner Manager

Cheers to learning & growing together🥂

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