Homegrown Patisseries

by The Blend

Presenting community picks on the best in Bengaluru. Tell us if it features your favorite, enjoy the curation.

1. Tcakeco: A gourmet chef turned home baker, T Cake co by Tapaswini is a lockdown business that is your go-to for all baked goods!

2. The ovenspring: A Bangalore-based patisserie that excels in bread, loaves, and all things alike.

3. Bun biskut: A team of 2 flatmates who came together during the lockdown to share the gift of tea-time snacks to the world!

4. Cookie dust by Janice: A surgeon by day and baker by evening, Janice is an expert at designer cakes, cupcakes etc..

5. The local baker global: Your one-stop shop for the most exquisite designer cakes that are created by a team of home bakers!

6. Stew to brew by epshita: A home baker who took her love for baking to new heights, this is a brand that creates the most unique baked goods such as the rainbow cookie box, luxe brownies, and more!

7. Loafing around blr: Fancy a homemade granola bar? Loafing around Bangalore is just the palace for your quirky baked good cravings.

8. Knead therapy: A part-time baker who has taken her mother’s book of recipes to create a thriving home business during the lockdown!

9. Cot bakery: Cherry on top by Raksha Shah is another lockdown business that specializes in tart cakes, brownies, and more!

10. Creme n crumbs: Have you heard of bento cakes? These adorable ‘lunchbox’ cakes not only satisfy the aesthetic eye but also the cravings of your sweet tooth! These cakes are customisable and arrive within 3 days of placing the order!

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