Foods that are unhealthier than you think they are

by The Blend

With people shifting to healthier and more sustainable eating habits, there has been an explosion of vegan, low-fat, gluten-free products—but, are they truly as nutritious as they claim to be, or are they simply diet saboteurs?

Here are 3  foods that may not be as healthy as you think but are definitely lurking in your kitchen!

Eat this, NOT that.

Granola bars

Some granolas and granola bars are nutritious but most of them are packed with added sugar. You may be consuming more calories than you signed up for as some granolas go up to 400 calories in a single serving. Opt for low-sugar granolas whit wholesome ingredients for a truly healthy meal.

Gluten-free snacks

Gluten-free food is a lifesaving option for those with gluten sensitivity but it is not necessarily a healthier alternative. Some processed gluten-free snacks and sweets contain just as much, if not more, calories and added sugar as other snacks.


Yogurt is said to be a superfood for weight loss and gut health—only when it’s not flavored! Flavored yogurt is loaded with potentially-carcinogenic artificial colors, flavors, and loads of sugar. It can be just as bad as ice cream! Your best bet is to go for unsweetened yogurt.

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